Workers trapped inside scaffold dangling off 1 World Trade Center (WATCH LIVE)


New York, NY -- A pair of workers are inside a window washing scaffolding that came loose, dangling high above the ground off 1 World Trade Center, fire officials said.

Crews rushed to the scene about 12:45 after callers reported seeing a broken scaffold on the 104-story building.

Its cable snapped, the basket is believed to be hanging somewhere near the 50th floor, according to FDNY.

Rescuers are cutting the glass near the scaffolding so they can pluck the workers from the basket and pull them inside to safety, according to officials at the scene.

As elevation grows, so too does concerns over wind hindering the rescue but an hour into it, gusts were a variable 6 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

The basket appeared to be stable and the workers were tethered inside, though the scaffold’s cables were swaying in the breeze.