WSDOT warns drivers that Tuesday's commute could be 'brutal'

SEATTLE -- The Washington State Department of Transportation said Monday night they will have extra maintenance crews throughout the region watching for notorious trouble spots as drivers navigate the wind and rain on their way to work Tuesday.

With heavy rain and strong winds predicted for Tuesday, WSDOT officials are warning drivers about a likely "brutal commute."

"Get all the information you need to know and plan your commute," said the WSDOT's Justin Fujioka. "Even if it’s planning your commute before you go to bed tonight that’s probably the best option because we all know how things get here."

The State Route 520 floating bridge is a major artery between Bellevue and Seattle. Officials say they will close the bridge if winds are sustained at 50 mph for 15 minutes. Officials say they want drivers to be safe.

Drivers who Q13 FOX News spoke with said they will likely leave early or take the bus to get to work.