You're smart, but do you know your smartphone?

SEATTLE -- Whether you use your smartphone for work or play or both - we've got some life hacks every smartphone user should know starting with a bug in an Apple…  iPhone that is.

A large number of iPhone users have reported that their phones have started rebooting unexpectedly ever since upgrading to IOS7. The problem isn't just annoying apparently it can also cause a home screen crash - yikes. Apple did announce recently that they will have a fix - but we'll all have to wait until the next update which is rumored to hit devices in March.

Now if I'm deciding on which smartphone device to go with a bug in the operating system might impact my selection but so might this--

Basically the capacity a phone has for storage depends on how much room the operating system takes up. Leading the charge with the most space? IPhone 5c - this model has been widely regarded as the value model a less expensive alternative that now we can see has a ton of space.

That can impact how many pictures you take, playlists you have, docs and apps you're able to store - so watch out.

Next, have you ever lost your wallet? How about your keys? Well this app allows you to use your smartphone as a radar, designed to find misplaced items. It’s called the find'em tracking app and basically you place a small bluetooth tracking device inside your wallet or important piece of luggage whatever and it tracks it via bluetooth technology. The app is free and available on android and iPhone and the tracking device is $24.99. They're calling it the wallet lo jack, its credit card sized, and it can tell you exact GPS location as well as give you custom alerts so you'll know when you're 20, 30, or 40 feet from your belongings. Its pretty much a must have.

Speaking of must haves this last app is great if you need to access your office computer from home for an important work function or if you just wanna play hookey. Its called log-me-in pro it’s a subscription service that for a yearly fee - starting at $99 - you can access your desktop remotely using another computer or - you guessed it - your smartphone.

This lets you access your desktop files and applications, access pictures and videos that may take too much space on your smartphone or personal hard drive, it even lets you print docs remotely.