Kaci Aitchison lays down SERIOUS challenge to all Puget Sound drivers, will you take it? (VIDEO)

Above: How did Tacoma fare in traffic? Were people polite? I felt full of rage-- and drum solos.

TACOMA - I am on a campaign to bring some kindness into those stressful commutes; bringing back the 'thank you wave' in traffic. Cut someone off? Wave 'sorry!' Someone lets you merge? How about a friendly "thank you!" wave?

I should warn you: it's been awhile since I've driven during rush hour and I don't know how you all do it every day. It is stressful. It is frustrating. I used my horn, and I'm not proud of it! But a little kindness made it all feel a little better.

Photojournalist Walker Anderson and I hit the streets of Seattle a few weeks ago, and a few of  you told us we needed to try out our campaign in Pierce County. Watch the video to see what happened when we planted ourselves right in the middle of rush hour traffic through Tacoma. (Original story is below!)

Below: Kaci and Walker try the 'thank you wave' in Seattle