Baldwin to speak to lawmakers about police training, use of deadly force

OLYMPIA - Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin will speak to lawmakers and community leaders about police training and the use of deadly force Monday.

Baldwin is expected to attend the Washington State Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing Joint Legislative Task Force Hearing on Monday morning at the Capitol.

The task force is focusing on ways to reduce violent interactions between law enforcement officers and members of the public. The task force is also taking a look at a state law that determines when police can be criminally charged for improperly using deadly force.

Over the past several months, Baldwin has spoken out about police shootings and racial injustice. During the national anthem, Baldwin and other Seahawks players linked arms in a demonstration of unity to spotlight the issues facing the country.

Baldwin, who is the son of a police officer, met with Seattle Police Department officials to talk about his concerns and what changes could be made.

The task force hearing is scheduled for  9:30 Monday morning.