Bobby Wagner learned the hard way Super Bowls don't come every year

SEATTLE – You can forgive Bobby Wagner for thinking Super Bowl titles would become a way of life.

After all, the Seattle Seahawks won one in the linebacker’s second season, and came within one play that we won’t mention of winning another in his third.

“When I first got here, I probably thought that we’d go every single year that I was here, just because we experienced it so soon,” Wagner said during an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 News.

But alas, that unmentionable play happened, and the Seahawks have yet to return to the promised land. That comes in spite of Wagner’s stellar play – he had 167 tackles and 4.5 sacks last season, and has made three straight Pro Bowls.

Despite those gaudy regular-season numbers, Wagner’s most impressive play has come in Super Bowls: He’s the all-time leading tackler in Super Bowl history with 22.

“I was happy that in that moment, I appreciated it and kinda lived in the moment and understood from a lot of the older guys that this is not normal and it doesn’t happen that often,” he said. “Now, I’ve gotten to see that it’s really hard to get there, but I’m excited to try to get back.”

On the plus side, Wagner said the Seahawks’ dry spell means he’ll appreciate the next title all the more.

“I think it might, just because I know how it feels to not make it, how it feels to not get there,” he said. “Being so close and being seconds away from doing that – it definitely would mean a lot.”