Fishing report of the week: Brown Trout in Snohomish County

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Angler: GalaxyRanger
Fished: 07/05/2021
Air °61° - 65°
Method: Trolling
Species: Brown Trout
Bait: Corn
Color: Silver-Gold
Weather: Cloudy
Tackle: Mack's Wedding Ring
Time: Morning
Water: °76° - 79°
Posted: 07/05/2021

Back to Martha Lake again in search of the rare Brown Trout and was lucky again. After the recent heat wave I expected the fish to be deeper and was suprized they were still holding in the 12 to 15 range with the surface temp at 78 degrees. Because it was overcast I used 50/50 Gang troll and 50/50 Ford Fender on the other rod with wedding rings and pink corn. Got 1 rod down and was letting line out on the second when the big rainbow hit and the fight was on. The fish stripped out line 7 times and put up a truly great fight before being netted and in the boat.

The brown hit the leaded line 2 colors out and also gave a great fight and a real chore to get into the net and after what seemed forever was in the boat. Got a few more smaller fish and released those unharmed and kept a 12" that was hooked badly so called it a day when the winds started to pick up.