Wilson on injuries, knee brace: 'I can make any play I need to make'

SEATTLE - Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to the podium Wednesday and put to rest any lingering questions about his earlier-season injuries.

"I've had some bumps and bruises along the way but I feel really good," Wilson said ahead of Saturday's Wild Card match-up against the Detroit Lions. "Any play I need to make I can make, for sure."

Wilson has suffered injuries to his ankles, knee and pectoral muscle this year. Though he hasn't missed a game, he admits his injuries have hampered him at times.

"If you asked me several weeks ago, I wasn't moving my fastest," Wilson said. "But I feel really good right now."

Wilson says being injured is a new experience for him. And learning how to overcome dings and tweaks has helped him grow as a player.

As his health improves, Wilson says he's not sure if he will continue to wear the knee brace he's sported since Week 3.

"My leg is good," Wilson said. "It's more of a safety thing."

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has dealt with his own injuries this season. Since dislocating his right middle finger in Week 13 against the Saints, the Lions have gone 1-3. Wilson praised the toughness and leadership of Stafford Wednesday, saying his drive to win leads the team.

"He's a great competitor," Wilson said. "He's a guy who believes he can win every day, and he relays that confidence to the rest of his guys on the team."

When asked if not wearing a knee brace could impact his play Saturday, Wilson couldn't help but smile.

"I never play scared," he said. "That's just not how I think."