Mother's Day card crook: Accused car prowling credit card thief still shows love for his mom

Take a good look at this accused car prowler. Issaquah detectives say he swiped a guy's wallet to buy a mother's day card. These photos of the suspect were snapped at the target in Issaquah -- just one of the stores he's accused of using stolen credit cards at that he swiped from a truck at the 24-Hour fitness in Issaquah in early May. Video of the heist shows the victim parking his truck. He gets out, locks it, and goes to work out. Just minutes later you see the suspect’s black Ford Ranger truck back-in right next to it. He circled the parking garage a time or two before picking out his prey. He gets out of his truck and within two minutes, detectives say he'd busted-in, swiped the guy's wallet, and took off. His truck has one black rim, but the other three tire rims are all silver.

Watch the suspect coming out of the target with a cart full of stuff he bought with the stolen credit cards. Detectives say he charged more than a thousand dollars in all -- including that mother's day card. If you recognize this accused credit card-stealing car prowler who loves his mother- or anything about the black Ford Ranger truck he was driving with that one black rim, call crime stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.