Teen rape suspect: Detectives say sketch shows man accused of stalking, attacking victim

Horror hits the streets of a Parkland neighborhood -- after Pierce County detectives say a stranger stalked a teen walking her dog -- and raped her.

Now, they need your help identifying the suspect who's still on the loose.

Detectives say the victim first spotted him while walking her pet in the area of 132nd St. S. on Sunday, July 30th.

She went home, but detectives say the man came to her door, knocked, she answered, and he forced his way inside and raped her.

Detectives say neighbors have seen the suspect before. "Some of the information we received is that this person may have been roaming around the area days previous to the incident. What we want to do is try and get him identified, so we can hold somebody accountable for what happened. So far, at this point, this is not a string of rapes. We've only had the one incident, so this is not an ongoing pattern. We don't have any other cases to look at. We just have this one particular case and we want to make sure that we get him identified and held accountable before he hits again."

Detectives think the suspect is black, in his 20's or 30's, around 6’0” with a medium a build.

If you think you know his name, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS, or use the P3 Tips App to submit your information.

You'll get a cash reward if your tip leads to his arrest.