Two-time trailer thief: Crook makes you wonder if there's anywhere safe to store your stuff

Pierce County detectives say the man shown above is a trailer thief who has hit a South Hill storage facility at least twice.

They're hoping the tattoos on his arm will help identify him.

"We've had a lot of tips from the public and we've tracked them all down, but what we want to do is identify the driver. We want to find out who the driver is and we think that looking at his tattoo on his arm will be the extra clue to help get him identified, so take a close at him, " says Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer. "We're not too worried about the truck. We know what kind of a truck that is. What we want to do is get the driver identified and hold him accountable. There's a good chance he's driving another truck now, so we want to identify the person that is responsible for stealing the trailers."

Detectives say the first time he hit was in early June. When you watch the video, detectives say that's him in a white late-model crew cab dually truck. He backs up to a utility trailer, hooks up and drives off.

That was at night and far from the camera's eye, but his second strike is what's really going to get this guy identified, I hope. It's the Fourth of July. He comes right to the gate and this time he's got a code that works. The gate opens, he drives in and heads all the way to end of the road where you can see several trailers stored along both sides. As he heads back, one of them is now hitched to his truck. It's a big "Wildcat" travel trailer. He's got to put his code in to get out and that's where we get a great look at him. He's white, wearing a Seahawks hat and bucking the trend by coming back for more. "What's unusual is somebody that will go back to the same well more than once to steal property, just in case they might have been seen, not knowing what was there, if people saw them,” says Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer. “But, in this particular case the video caught him more than once, caught him twice and he's probably been back a 3rd time or a 4th time even. This is somebody who's out stealing trailers and is probably going to continue until we get them caught. The truck's pretty unique, in the white truck, being a longer, bigger truck and somebody's going to recognize him. Between him and that truck being on the clear video, we expect to put an end to his crime spree."

If you recognize him, call an anonymous tip into:

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