Woman runs for her life during scary armed robbery attempt; help identify suspects

PUYALLUP, Wash.  -- A woman is wanted for a violent attempted robbery in Puyallup. Police say she is working with two men and they fear they may strike again. “She said, 'Drop your stuff or I will shoot you,'" victim Tyra Morris said. Morris will never forget those terrifying words. “My whole body started shaking,” Morris said. Surveillance video captured the scary attack.

A woman gets out of a black Mercedes and positions herself behind some bushes along 5th Street SE, waiting for Morris to walk by. “I have my purse and my laptop bag,” Morris said. The suspect lunges forward demanding the victim drop her belongings. “She had her hand in here,” Morris said. Morris added that the suspect looked like she was hiding a gun underneath her jacket. The victim’s knee-jerk reaction was to get away. “I screamed and said no, and ran into traffic, I think she was surprised as much as I was because I screamed so loud,” Morris said. Puyallup police officer Mike Lusk said, “We have multiple suspects involved even though the female is doing the robbery." The surveillance camera outside 5th Street SE is not the only camera that captured the suspects. Nearby businesses told police they spotted the same suspects inside their stores. Surveillance pictures from inside a Puyallup Walmart show the woman with two men who are believed to be her accomplices. “These are dangerous people, we do not need them on our streets,” Lusk said. “She looked to me like what I would envision strung-out. I pray that you get help before you get killed,” Morris said. If you recognize the suspects, you are urged to call 1-800-222-TIPS.