Get ready for the Heat Wave coming our way starting tomorrow through the weekend!

The big weather story this week is the heat!  We start the real warm up tomorrow as temperatures soar into the upper 80s around the city with even warmer highs to the south and east into the foothills away from the water.  

The extreme heat all thanks to a very strong ridge of high pressure building out in the Pacific now.  As the high tracks east and moves in over Western WA we will see the mercury rise to near 100!  Not quite as warm as our June heatwave but you'll feel the sizzle for sure and that is why we have two "Weather Alert" days this week:  Thursday and Friday.  

With the extreme heat we are likely to tie and break high temperature records Thursday and Friday.  The record to beat Thursday is 96 and Friday 92.  

Temperatures will peak Friday and by late Friday night the high will drop off to the southeast. We expect a cool down Saturday, but don't get too excited we'll still be 10-12 degrees above the normal high of 78 for this time of year. The real cool down comes Sunday when we start to feel the effects of a trough of low pressure pushing in off the Pacific towards the region.  This will really help drop temperatures to near average!  

Monday and Tuesday will be the coolest days over the next 7-day stretch!  Look for mid to upper 70s!  Enjoy!  

Stay hydrated and cool all!  ~Erin Mayovsky, Q13 Forecaster

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