WEATHER ALERT DAY: Lowland snow falling in Western Washington

Tuesday is a WEATHER ALERT DAY as lowland snow returns to Western Washington, causing slick and messy conditions on the roads.

A Winter Storm Watch will go into effect Tuesday afternoon and will continue through Wednesday. Areas highlighted below (blue map) can expect significant snow (relative to the area) accumulation. Mountain passes are looking at the potential for up to 2 feet of snow! Get ready for pass delays and potential closures.

In the lowlands/foothills, we're talking about 4-8" of snow accumulation. Plan ahead and expect a SLOW commute in these areas. 

A Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect for lowland residents in King Co. Areas highlighted below (purple map) can expect up to 3" of snow accumulation. 

Here is a look at the alerts:

Now, let's time this out! Tomorrow morning will be fairly quiet as the low-pressure system sags further south. Snow/rain mix will first increase along the coast, Olympics, South Sound, and Cascades. Here is a look at our in-house weather model at 10 a.m.:

Tomorrow afternoon is when our chance of snow increases. The cold air in place will keep snow levels near the surface before transitioning into rain. This will be the best time for lowland snow across the South Sound. Here is a look at your 12 p.m. forecast:

As the time progresses, the snow will begin to transition into rain for those across the Coast, South sound and isolated pockets across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. However, the snow will continue to accumulate for those across the Central and North Sound. I'm defiantly keeping my eyes on the Hood canal, Island co., and Snohomish co.. Here is a look at your commute home (5PM):

Lowland snow could continue for those across the convergence zone until Wednesday morning. Heavy snow will continue for those in the Cascades. The rain/snow mix will taper off through the morning. Here is a look at Wednesday morning:

Obviously, temperatures are going to be very cold tomorrow. In fact, the majority of the day will be spent in the low-mid 30s! We won't reach our high temperature until tomorrow night! That's when temperatures will peak in the mid-upper 30s around 10pm. Here is a look at tomorrow's highs:

On top of the snow/rain mix we're expecting tomorrow, the winds will crank up. Gusty winds will increase tomorrow evening as we get ready for a frontal system. Here is a look at our Futurecast:

Lowland snot chances will continue on and off throughout the week as a cold air mass remains in place. Here is a look at your 7-day forecast:

Stay safe out there and download the FOX 13 weather app to plan your commute tomorrow!