11 Garfield students banned from classes in connection with hazing incident

SEATTLE -- The Seattle School District has banned from classes 11 students suspected of having participated in a recent hazing incident while it is under investigation, district spokeswoman Teresa Wippel said Monday.

The students were told not to show up to school Monday, and Wippel said such non-disciplinary suspensions don't usually last longer than two weeks.

Garfield Principal Ted Howard and police officers broke up a hazing incident Sept. 27 at the Washington Park Arboretum in which up to 100 upperclassmen were paddling, egging and putting shoe polish on underclassmen as part of a hazing incident. There was also alcohol use involved, Howard said.

The Seattle Police Department said it had identified eight of the students who had taken part in the hazing. Wippel said those eight were among the 11 banned from classes pending the completion of the investigation.