12-year-old boy in Monroe saves his dad with CPR: 'I don't know how, God just took the wheel'

MONROE, Wash. -- When firefighters were dispatched to reports of an unconscious man, they found the patient's 12-year-old son performing CPR on him. His actions likely saved his father's life, Monroe Fire District 3 said.

The father, Brian Anaka, and his son were moving furniture from their house into a U-Haul truck when Brian collapsed. "The patient’s 12-year-old son, Taylor, called 911 and started CPR," the fire district said.

Taylor had never taken CPR classes.

"I just knew what to do, I don't know how," Taylor said in an interview Thursday. "God just took the wheel..."

When crews arrived on scene, they quickly took over and were able to revive Brian and transport him to the hospital. He is currently at home recovering.

"I'm just lucky ... I got a second chance at life," Brian said.

"The actions that Taylor demonstrated that day were remarkable," Monroe Fire District 3 said. "Studies show that for every minute CPR is not initiated, there is a 10 percent decrease in survival. Taylor increased his father’s survival rate by initiating CPR."

Monroe Fire District 3 said it will be honoring Taylor and presenting him with a Lifesaver award at the next Commissioner’s meeting on March 10 in Monroe.