5 injured, including sheriff's deputy, in violent car crash in Everett

EVERETT -- A Snohomish County sheriff's was involved in a crash that sent him and four other people to the hospital Friday, the Washington State Patrol said.

One person was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with serious injuries.

The crash happened at 23rd Street and Rockefeller Avenue in Everett.

The Washington State Patrol said the  deputy's patrol car was southbound on Rockefeller Avenue and was in the intersection when a 2008 Honda Element traveling westbound on 23rd Avenue struck the driver's side of the patrol car.

The patrol car then struck a pedestrian and was pushed into a parked vehicle, which then struck a fourth parked vehicle.

Everett police officer Aaron Snell said three people were inside that patrol car when the crash happened -- the deputy and two passengers. Snell said the passengers weren’t being arrested.

Keith Owens said he ran to help as soon as he saw the mangled cars.

“One bystander came and grabbed a lady out of the front of the police car and the other one, the one in the back, the jaws of life had to get him out of the back I think,” he said.

Police said a person walking nearby was also struck during the crash. The pedestrian was identified as Thomas Gillette, 59, of Arlington.

“There was a pedestrian that was walking, they were injured as well,” said Snell. “They sustained significant injuries and was transported to Harborview.”

Neighbors said people usually drive too fast through the neighborhood.

“This street here is so bad, they have them flying down here like it’s the I-5,” said Owens.

Three agencies are now investigating this crash, the Everett Police Department, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol.

The injured deputy was identified as John Sadro, 54, of Everett.

The State Patrol said the Honda Element was driven by James Hanken, 47, of Bothell. He was injured, too.

The two injured passengers in the patrol car were identified as Renee Kollman, 44, of Everett, and Brett Losey, 21, of Brier.

The State Patrol said the cause of the accident was a failure to stop at a stop sign. The only stop signs at that intersection are on Rockefeller, which was the road the deputy's patrol car was on.

The car on 23rd, the Honda Element, would have had the right of way.