A happy (and sunny and beautifully warm) Mother's Day is on the horizon

SEATTLE – Enjoying your early summer preview? If you can wait a few days, it’s about to get even better.

Summer in May will continue Tuesday morning, Q13 News chief meteorologist Walter Kelley said, with a warm sunny morning that will give way to afternoon rain as the day wears on.

Before we tell you about the next few days, just know that there’s a tremendous amount of light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel.

The Seattle metro area will get some isolated thunderstorms Tuesday, Kelley said, but most will be late at night into Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning will be cloudy and damp, but most of the rain heads north so the day itself remains mainly dry for the metro area.  Highs will drop back into the lower 60s Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday will be cloudy with some passing showers. Most of the rain Thursday will be in the convergence zone north of Seattle.

Now for the good stuff.

Friday looks dry and mild, with highs in the 60s.

Friday looks dry and mild highs in the upper 60s. Saturday will be nice with highs in the 70s. Sunday will be quite, warm with highs in some places in the 80s.