Animal feces found in counterfeit makeup sold as MAC, Kylie and other brand names

LOS ANGELES – Officials found bacteria and animal waste in $700,000 worth of counterfeit cosmetics seized during a bust at Los Angeles' Fashion District, police said.

A task force hit 21 locations in the Santee Alley shopping area Thursday and found that all of them were selling counterfeit name-brand makeup, Detective Rick Ishitani told KTLA.

Photos tweeted by LAPD Captain Marc Reina showed the makeup stands selling brands like Anastasia, MAC, and Kylie.

A similar bust was conducted last February after Los Angeles Police Department officials received complaints from customers who got rashes and bumps after using counterfeit cosmetics, Ishitani said.

The cosmetics seized during that bust were tested and officials found high levels of bacteria, including traces of animal feces and urine.

Police received more complaints and officials conducted another bust. Researchers again found high levels of bacteria and feces in the cosmetics seized in Thursday's raid.

Six people were arrested Thursday and are expected to be charged with trademark violations of major brands.

Another 15 people are served with cease and desist orders.

Ishitani said the raid was also meant to “educate the public of the health and safety concerns of purchasing counterfeit cosmetics.”

Capt. Reina ended his tweet with “The best price is not always the best deal!”