Another push to lower car tab fees to $30

SEATTLE -- Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman says has loaned $100,000 to his signature-gathering campaign to repeal Sound Transit's car-tab taxes and replace them with a $30 flat fee.

The Seattle Times reports that according to his latest Public Disclosure Commission report Eyman has also pledged an additional $400,000 loan to the campaign but has not yet handed over the money.

A similar $30 car-tabs initiative that Eyman led last year failed to collect enough signatures, a result that he attributed to lackluster fundraising that kept his campaign from hiring paid signature-gatherers.

Eyman said that the $100,000 loan, as well as the additional pledged $400,000, came from his and his wife's retirement account.

Sound Transit 3, which more than tripled car-tab taxes in the Puget Sound region, passed with about 54 percent of the vote in 2016, as voters chose to fund an expansion of public transit.