Authorities deny rumors of serial killer in Seattle area

Seattle Police have received several inquiries about an alleged serial killer attacking women in the SODO and Burien area, but say they are not investigating any such cases.

Posts have been circulating on social media in Western Washington, warning of a serial killer who reportedly targeted women in their 30s. Some posts claim King County detectives approached them to warn of the killer.

FOX 13 reached out to the King County Sheriff's Office, and they responded:

"At the sheriff’s office, we allow evidence to tell the story and do not deal in speculation. At this time, we have nothing to substantiate this here-say."

"We are aware of unverified online social media reports that select death investigations, in the vicinity of South Park/SR 509, may share similar characteristics," wrote the sheriff's office on Twitter. "At this time, the Sheriff’s Office has identified no evidence affirming this for any cases under our jurisdiction."

This story will be updated as information becomes available.