Black Lives Matter at Schools rally draws hundreds, including Seahawks DE Michael Bennett

SEATTLE -- Educators with Seattle Public Schools are taking major steps to say Black Lives Matter at school. From wearing T-shirts to holding a rally Wednesday night at Washington Hall, thousands of teachers and students came together in solidarity.

They’re making noise, with their feet, their words and even their clothing. Their message is that black lives matter to teachers and to schools.

“Regardless of the pushback, we’re going to stand and acknowledge our students and how much they mean and their lives matter at school,” said Nikkita Oliver, one of the rally organizers and a creative writing teacher with Seattle Public Schools.

Hundreds packed Washington Hall for a rally to bring supporters together and lay out their vision.

Their mission is to bridge the opportunity gap for kids and teach why black lives matter in the classrooms. It’s a mission even garnering attention from Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who stole the stage.

“Without everybody in the building we wouldn’t be able to make the changes, some people believe the change has to come from the government, but I believe it has to be organic and come from the bottom,” said Bennett at the rally.

Families said it’s about time the Black Lives Matter movement gets the platform it deserves for the future of the kids.

“For me it’s extremely important to be here and to talk about social justice issues and talk about why it’s important to have your school district involved in trying to change the narrative of young black youth,” said Chelsey Richardson, a parent and a Seattle Public Schools employee.

The district says they are receiving mixed feedback on the latest black lives matter T-shirt campaign. They say about half the people calling in are opposed to it. The other half is in support.