Boaters, swimmers advised of possible toxic algae at Lacey park

SEATTLE -- The city of Lacey issued an advisory for Labor Day weekend that toxic algae may be in the water at Long Lake Park.

On Friday, city workers said the algae bloom was spotted near the beach earlier in the week and that while it had dissipated, algae was still visible. Water quality experts were unable to collect samples during the bloom.

The Washington State Department of Health said algae blooms can happen through a combination of warm temperatures, sunlight and nutrient-rich waters. Blooms often float to the surface and can be several inches thick along the shoreline.

For the busy holiday weekend, the city recommended keeping children and pets away from any algae and not to swim, water ski or boats in those areas. People should not drink water from the lake and any fish caught in the water should be cleaned thoroughly.

Blue-green algae may be toxic to humans and animals. Any unexplained sickness should be reported to a doctor immediately.

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