Candidate picks wrong time to butter up to constituents

CALGARY – An incumbent city council candidate is apologizing for his latest gaff. It didn’t involve any scandals, but some voters may still consider it criminal.

Gian-Carlo Carra decided to go door-knocking on Sunday night during the series finale of "Breaking Bad," Canada's Metro News reported.  He unintentionally began knocking on doors in one community, unaware the finale was on (he admits he’s only caught up to Season 3), wanting to speak to voters.

“I told him to go away,” series fan Jared Folkmann told the Metro Newspaper. “I think the literal translation was: ‘Dude, you’re interrupting Breaking Bad. Can’t talk. Bye.’” Carra has since apologized to the people he bothered. He just wanted to speak to voters ahead of the October 21 election.

“I’m sorry for what I did and I want the voters of Ward 9 to know that behavior like that is unacceptable,” Carra told Metro. “I hope they’ll see fit to forgive me and still support me on Oct. 21.”

Preliminary estimates show the final 75-minute episode drew more than 10 million viewers in North America, making it the most watched series finale ever on basic cable.