Chiefs come after Seahawks' crowd noise record

KANSAS CITY -- This might make you want to scream.

Kansas City Chiefs' fans will attempt to break the crowd noise record recently achieved by the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

According to the website, Guinness Book of World Records officials will be on hand to record crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs face the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 13.

The Chiefs regularly record a sound volume close to 124 decibels in a game, reported, and Arrowhead has long been considered one of the loudest stadiums in the league. Now, sportscasters and bloggers are telling Chiefs' fans to take a run at the Seahawks' crowd noise record of 136.6 decibels posted in September.

"Right now Arrowhead is sitting at about 125 decibels so I don't think this record is out of reach," the executive producer of the Chiefs Radio Network, Dan Israel, told radio listeners.

Arrowhead Stadium has 10,000 more seats than CenturyLink Field, and with the team at 5-0, the stadium is expected to be packed for Sunday's game.

An informal poll on shows 72 percent of Chiefs' fans believe they will break the Chiefs' record.