'Cold enough to snow' -- say what?

SEATTLE -- For the most part, passing squalls will just bring some heavy downpours of rain, but these cells are cold so hail, light snow and show showers will roll through from time to time Friday and into early Saturday.

Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said, "It's cold enough to snow." And this photo late Thursday from the Skagit County town of Alger proved his point.


But, Kelley said, the March sunshine is strong enough that any snow that sticks will not last long.

The forecast calls for isolated thunderstorms through early Saturday -- "when thunder roars, head indoors."

It will be gusty, too, with occasional winds up to 35 mph, Kelley said.

Friday will have sunny periods but large passing squalls move through. If you are outside keep an eye to your south. If it is getting dark, you are about to “get squalled in Seattle," Kelley said. "I call this kitchen sink weather, as you can see everything but the kitchen sink."

Here are some hail videos from Thursday. The first one is by a commuter heading southbound on I-5 from Seattle at about 7 p.m. Thursday.

This other video was sent in by a viewer in the Burien/Normandy Park area south of Seattle.

The snow level is low, so the foothills and mountains will get some fairly significant snow, he said. The ski areas will get more than 6 inches.

But some good news -- the weekend will be mostly dry and next week looks excellent, with highs in the 70s. Yes, the 70s!