Dead humpback whale that washed ashore is 5th tangled in crab pot gear this month

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Researchers say five whales have been entangled in crab pot gear in the last month -- and at least two of them have died.

Scientists with Cascadia Research say a dead juvenile humpback whale washed ashore last weekend at Ocean Shores, Washington.

Ocean Shores police Sgt. David McManus says the whale was spotted in the water three days earlier but didn't wash ashore until early Sunday morning.

The 20-foot whale was entangled in some crab pots. Scientists will know more after a necropsy is conducted on the whale.

Researcher John Calambokidis says there has been a dramatic uptick of this issue along the U.S. West Coast, especially off California.

There are groups working in three states to fix the problem, he says. The groups are working with fishermen to come up with best practices to avoid harming the animals.