Deputies urge caution as more than a dozen drownings reported in King County alone

Deputies in Washington urge people to be cautious as more in the state get outdoors to enjoy the nice weather and activities on the water. But enjoying the water can be dangerous if precautions aren't taken.

A 4-year-old boy is one of the latest to drown in western Washington. The tragic incident happened Monday in the Skykomish River, near the Sultan area. 

On Tuesday the King County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they recovered the boy's body. Authorities say the boy was on the shores of the river when he fell in. In King County alone there have been more than a dozen drownings in the past several months.  

Over the weekend the King County Sheriff’s Office says they had 7 different rescues along the Snoqualmie River not far from the Fall City area. The message is clear, water safety has to be key in lakes, rivers, beaches and pools.

On Tuesday the wife of a Bellevue man who recently drowned in Lake Washington spoke out for the first time. 

"I’m so sad, I miss him, I love him," Enejan Akyshova said.

Akyshova has taken down her husband’s pictures from the walls inside her home because right now the loss is too painful to bear.

"It’s really hard for me I can’t control my emotions," Akyshova said.

Her husband Parahat Akyshov loved to rent boats to take his friends and family out on the water.

During a June 16 outing, Parahat took his two young daughters and two friends out on the water that day. That’s when Enejan says her 5-year-old daughter Maysa slipped off the boat and into Lake Washington. Maysa was wearing a life jacket, Parahat was not.

"She said I’m crying mom, I scared, I call my father, father please help me and he jumped in the water," Akyshova said.  

Akyshova says her husband Parahat may have been in the water for up to 25 minutes comforting his crying daughter. Parahat’s friends on the boat did not know how to operate a boat and Akyshova says the boat drifted far away from her husband and daughter. Friends called for help and a nearby boat stopped to help.

"He give my daughter to the person in the boat but after that my daughter said to me I turned back to see my dad but I can’t see him I lost him in there," Akyshova said.

Even for an excellent swimmer like Parahat, the wife says the cold water was clearly too much and he disappeared into Lake Washington, just seconds after getting his daughter to safety.

Parahat’s body was found the next day.  It’s a scene playing out over and over again across Western Washington. The King County Sheriff’s Office says the hot weather is bringing more people out on the water. Puget Sound waters can be deceivingly dangerous. Even with hot temperatures, the water is very cold. 

Authorities are asking everyone to wear a life jacket and be aware of their surroundings. 

As for Akyshova, she says she is trying to stay strong for her two daughters and wants them to know their dad is their hero.

"He is your hero always with you in your heart," Akyshova said.

Parahat, an electrician, was the sole financial provider of the family. Friends have set up a gofundme account to help the wife and two daughters.

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