'Domestic Violence Crackdown' fugitive wanted in Lynden -- surrenders at Whatcom County Jail

galvez-cruzFUGITIVE CAPTURED October 16, 2013 -- Lynden Police tell us they got a call from the Whatcom County Jail, letting them know WMW: Domestic Violence Crackdown fugitive, Visente Galvez-Cruz, had surrendered Wednesday morning.

FUGITIVE WANTED IN LYNDEN October 11, 2013 --  Visente Galvez-Cruz smashed his head into a car’s windshield when his high-speed chase came to a crashing halt, the Bellingham Herald said the incident happened last year in Whatcom County, and he just pleaded guilty to a drive-by shooting. He's now wanted in Lynden, where he’s been accused of beating up his girlfriend while she held their 1-year-old child in her arms. Galvez-Cruz has a history of terrorizing her and is also wanted for domestic violence in Skagit County and by the Department of Corrections for escape in Whatcom County. Galvez-Cruz is supposed to be starting a year-long prison stint later this month, but hasn't been seen since that accused attack on his girlfriend last week. Court documents reveal Galvez-Cruz’s chilling history of domestic violence -- right after his car crash, he called his girlfriend at her parents' home and threatened to shoot down her door so he could kill her and their unborn child if she didn't come get him at a gas station. Court documents said she refused , so he went to her home and fired at least fvie rounds at with an AR-15 Bushmaster rifle. Galvez-Cruz has ties to Lynden and Everson. He is 23-years-old, but has a birthday in a couple weeks, so let's give him his present -- three hots and a cot. If you know where this Galvez-Cruz is hiding, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. You can also text a tip here.