Double take at the price of your double shot?

Starbucks Corp. is boosting the price of some of its drinks later this month, the Seattle-based coffee giant said Friday.

Starting June 25, the chain will raise prices by 1% on average across the country in its first change in at least a year and a half.

But before a massive buzzkill sweeps the nation, know this: Not all markets will be affected and more than two-thirds of drinks will be immune from the price hike. California, though, will be included in the price hike.

In most stores, brewed coffee in grande 16-ounce or venti 24-ounce sizes will cost as much as they normally do. Frappuccino and Refreshers drinks will also remain the same, Starbucks said.

At most, a tall brewed coffee will be 10 cents more expensive than it is now, said spokeswoman Lisa Passe.

She also noted that coffee commodity costs constitute less than 10% than Starbucks’ overall store operating and occupancy expenses. Other factors include rent, labor, marketing, materials and equipment costs.

Earlier this week, the chain said it would start posting calorie counts on its menu boards, also beginning June 25. Starting this month, the chain began prohibiting anyone standing up to 25 feet from a Starbucks store from smoking.

From LA Times