WA driver who blew 0.244 in deadly Thurston County DUI crash released on bail

It’s a heart-wrenching story that highlights the pain and frustration of a grieving family seeking justice. 

Brandy Richards tragically lost her life on March 29 in Thurston County, Washington as she was on her way to work.

Her family, devastated by their loss, is now raising concerns about the legal process and whether they will ever see justice served.

Brandy's sister spoke exclusively with FOX 13 Seattle, expressing her fury over the suspect, Tyrus Paul Snow, who was arrested for driving under the influence.

Snow blew a staggering 0.244 BAC at the scene, three times the legal limit of 0.08. Despite the severity of the charges, he was released on $250,000 bail, leaving Brandy's family feeling outraged and concerned.

According to deputies, Snow was speeding and recklessly crossing double yellow lines before colliding head-on with Brandy's truck. Tragically, Brandy lost her life. And her family is now left grappling with the pain and frustration of a justice system that seems to have failed them.

"It's beyond heartbreaking to us ... it feels like we've already been failed," said Jil Kroupa, Brandy's sister. "We know we are just in the beginning of this whole process, and we understand there are certain steps the justice system has to take. But he was out within 4 days of killing my sister. He was caught at the scene, and there were so many witnesses. There's no way to say he's not guilty. So for him and his family to put up the bond and for him to be out, we never get to see my sister again. I hope his family appreciates the time they get because he is going to go to prison. I mean if he doesn't, the justice system has failed more than just us at that point."

In memory of Brandy, her family has set up a memorial along Littlerock Road South West, the site of the tragic accident. The memorial includes a symbol of a dragonfly, which represents someone who has passed away but continues to be nearby.

Brandy's family hopes that anyone who witnessed Snow's dangerous driving that day will come forward and provide valuable information to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.


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