DUI suspect dies after head-on crash in Fife

FIFE, Wash. -- Police suspect alcohol contributed to a deadly crash in Fife Saturday afternoon.

They say it started in nearby Milton with calls of a possible drunk and reckless driver. According to Fife's assistant police chief, that led to a lengthy and dangerous police pursuit.

"The vehicle was in the officer’s oncoming lane, so officers went to the side. The vehicle fled at that time and began to drive recklessly," assistant chief Dave Woods explained.

Police called off the pursuit for public safety, but the suspect continued to flee at high speed.

“Unfortunately, the vehicle continued at a high rate of speed, went through an intersection, lost control, and hit another vehicle head-on," Woods said.

Police say they saw the crash from where they stopped their pursuit. When they went to the scene, they realized the driver that sped away died in the crash.

The other driver was hurt but is expected to survive. Fife police say they found alcohol containers inside the deceased suspect's car.