Elementary school teacher accused of showing lewd photos to fifth grade classroom

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City mom is boiling mad after her daughter's teacher allegedly showed an inappropriate photo in class.

Dominique Jones, a mother of three, has complained to administrators at Dobbs Elementary School after her 11-year-old daughter snapped a photo of a lewd photograph on the classroom projector. Leaders within the Hickman-Mills School District tell WDAF the accusation is under investigation.

"The picture speaks for itself. It shouldn't have been shown," Jones told WDAF on Thursday.

Her daughter, Amliya Winston, is a fifth-grader at the school, having transferred into that district this year. Winston said the teacher, whose name could not be confirmed by district leaders, has shown the photo to his class on two occasions.

The first is said to have occurred on March 27th, and students were upset by what they saw. Jones said she didn't believe her daughter at first.

"She was coming home and telling me, and I was like, 'No'," Jones said.

However, Amliya had her cell phone ready on April 3 when the second alleged incident happened. She snapped a photo of the projected image, which depicts seven women who are naked from the waist down standing in a row on a stage. The women's posteriors are easily visible in the photograph.

"I showed her proof. I sent the photo to her," Amliya said. "It looked nasty and inappropriate for that school."

Amliya said other children snapped a photo of the projected image while the teacher was outside the classroom, having left the photo on the unattended projector.

"I've never gone to a school that shows that inappropriate stuff," Amliya said.

"I'm trying to figure out why he was doing that. Why the teacher would think that's OK? Nobody sent a note home saying we're going to have this type of study," Jones fumed.

Jones said she's contacted school leaders, as well as the school district, but she was told only the situation is being investigated.

Ruth Terrell-Lee, a spokesperson for the Hickman-Mills School District, told WDAF that Jones met with district HR workers last week, and everything seemed to be settled between the two parties. Jones said she's still furious with the teacher, and her daughter isn't comfortable attending Dobbs now.

"We’re in the kids' business. This is important. This accusation is still under investigation," Terrell-Lee said.

"At least get my child to where she's comfortable and wants to the school how it was before. As for now, she's home," Jones said.

A letter sent home to Hickman-Mills families Thursday said a substitute teacher will be in that teacher's classroom until this investigation wraps up.

Here is the entire text of that letter from Superintendent Yolanda Cargile:

"The safety and security of Dobbs Elementary students is always a top priority for both school and district administration. It is for this reason we take all concerns very seriously and keep parents informed.

"Shortly before school was dismissed on Wednesday, April 11, we were notified of possible inappropriate behavior involving a teacher. This conduct did not involve contact with students. Once informed, administration from Human Resources was immediately involved and an investigation is being conducted. A substitute teacher has been placed in the classroom until further notice.

"Please know we take your student’s safety seriously and will follow all protocols and policies to ensure we provide a healthy, safe, and rich learning environment for your student.

"Should you have any concerns, please contact Ms. Brown, interim principal, at Dobbs Elementary, (816) 316-7770."