Family members speak out for first time about woman who crashed into overpass, killing 5 near Puyallup

For the first time, we are hearing from the family of a woman who slammed into a pillar on SR 512, killing herself and four children in Pierce County.  

Social media posts appear to show someone giving Kiarra Monaghan drinks just hours before she got behind the wheel.

Monaghan's sister says that she was at a friend's house prior to the crash. While she ultimately believes her sister is to blame, she says the person or people who let her leave should be held accountable to some degree.

"I didn’t even know she had passed away until late that night," said Heather Jolicoeur, Monaghan's sister.

When Jolicoeur looks back on her younger sister Monaghan's life, she remembers her happy social media posts about being a mom.

"She’s making baby showers. She’s having play dates," said Jolicoeur.

>> 4 passengers killed in Puyallup fiery crash were children

Not only did Monaghan care for her own kids, but Jolicoeur says she also took in their other sister's children as well.

"She took our sister, who passed away, kids, and she was raising them as her own," said Jolicoeur.

But, Monaghan's life took a tragic turn, when the Washington State Patrol say she lost control of her SUV and hit an overpass, killing everyone inside.   Jolicoeur says that included Monaghan's young daughter and her son, along with two 11-year-old girls, one the daughter of a family friend, according to Jolicoeur.

She says in the search for answers about what happened to her sister, Jolicoeur watched Monaghan's social media videos, posted just hours before the crash. She said she was shocked at the dark and foreboding content that she saw.

"I watched those live videos, and I was sick to my stomach," she said.

 Jolicoeur says Monaghan's videos showed her drinking out of a shot glass and slurring or mispronouncing her words. The Washington State Patrol confirms it is investigating the videos as well.

"I’m so mad at her, and so disappointed, she was raised better than that. It's not like her," said  Jolicoeur.

She says Monaghan was at someone else's home, who appeared to be serving her alcohol in the videos.

"I know if you are at my house with kids, and you are drinking, you are not driving," said  Jolicoeur. "Say she’s the bartender. Wouldn’t she be held accountable if she over-served someone at the bar? I think the same rules should apply."

Jolicoeur hopes that investigators question those she was with in the early morning hours before the crash.

"They want answers and there is one person who can give it to them," she said.

Jolicoeur believes, ultimately, this was a preventable tragedy.

"If you see somebody get behind the wheel who’s been drinking, stop them, because it could have been stopped," she said.

Although Jolicoeur believes that alcohol played a role in the crash, the state patrol is still waiting on a toxicology report to determine if she was under the influence.

WSP is asking if you witnessed the crash, or have any information that might help with the case, that you contact WSP detectives.