Family shares mixed emotions over rescue of parents whose baby died in wildfire

Family of the parents whose child died in the Cold Springs Canyon fire say they are dealing with mixed emotions.

Jake and Jamie Hyland are still recovering from their serious injuries at Harborview Medical Center.

The young couple was forced to race out of their Okanogan County property, with their one-year-old baby, due to wildfires.

Jim Mabry, Jake’s cousin, says the property has no cell service and the Hylands would be unaware of the impending danger approaching.

“I had no confidence they could have survived after seeing the vehicle,” he said.

Mabry says it was an overwhelming feeling when he found out crews found his cousin alive.

Mabry and Hyland are not close in age; they are 15 years apart. While they did not grow up together, Mabry says they share a strong connection.

"We had a common hero,” he said. 

Cloyd Paxton, is Mabry’s and Hyland’s grandfather. He served in the Marines on the Pacific Front during World War II, said Mabry.  

Before he passed away, Mabry says he asked his grandfather the hardest thing he faced in life. Mabry says his grandfather’s answer was nothing to do with fighting a war, instead it was burying his daughter.

Now, Mabry’s younger cousin is facing the same tragic fate.

“For jake, if grandpa can do it you can do it. He didn’t let that loss stop his heart for people, and I hope the same for you. In all the pain and all the hurt that you will overcome, like grandpa,” said Mabry.

He says the massive outpouring of support from thousands across the country is helping his family through.

In a little more than one day, a GoFundMe for the Hyland family has raised more than $150,000. For more information on the GoFundMe click here.