Gas delivery company testing service in Seattle

SEATTLE -- Food, flowers, even ice cold beer. It seems almost everything is available for delivery nowadays.

A new company has added another commodity to the delivery list: gas.

Filld is a company that aims to eliminate your need to go to the gas station, ever by delivery gas to your tank. The company is running a pilot program in North Seattle delivery to the zipcodes 98103, 98105, 98107, 98115, and 98117. But if the program is successful, the company says it will expand.

“The number of gas stations in Seattle is down by 20 percent,” said Filld President and CEO Michael Buhr. “So gas stations are hard to find, and that’s just a national trend.”

That’s where Filld comes in.

“We give that time back to you and give you that gas while you’re sleeping while you’re at work,” said Buhr. “You’ll wake up in the morning, and you’ll get off work, and you’ll have a great full tank of gas ready to go.”

Users schedule a fill up on the Filld app, and then a fuel truck delivers your gas. Gas prices are based on the average price of gas in the delivery area plus a delivery fee ranging from $3 to $9.