Gonzaga Bulldogs, Spokane philanthropic group raise $30K for local families

Three players from the Gonzaga men's basketball team—Ben Gregg, Anton Watson and Rasir Bolton—helped a Spokane grassroots, social media-based philanthropic group raise over $30,000 for the families of a Spokane elementary school.

Rick Clark, the founder of Spokane Quaranteam, partnered with No-Li Brewery to provide $50 gas cards and $50 grocery cards to 277 different families with students at Logan Elementary School, where a majority of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

According to Clark, Logan Elementary is one of the lowest-income schools in all of Washington, and he saw an opportunity to help families who may be struggling.

"My strongest memories as a child unfortunately were memories of being hungry. Not knowing where my next meal would come from. I would have done anything to have a team of 36,000 people helping my family find food," wrote Clark in a Facebook post. "I would do ANYTHING to help a kid not worry about food."

(FOX 13 / Spokane Quaranteam)

Clark told FOX 13 News that name-image-likeness (NIL) money was offered to Watson, Gregg and Bolton to help spread awareness of the fundraiser, but each of them refused to accept money.

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As of Wednesday night, Clark received 345 donations in 48 hours.