Grandma hurt after tree smashes through her bedroom

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. -- A tree crushing his grandmother’s bedroom is what Chris Anderson saw as he pulled up to her Mercer Island home.

“I rushed over. I got a call from my grandma, said 'the roof caved in' and I came over. Luckily, I live close by and got here she was being taken away,” said Anderson.

The tree fell into the bedroom of the home where the elderly woman was at the time.

“She was getting up out of bed and here comes the tree through the roof,” said Anderson.

He says he was planning to see his grandmother later in the afternoon for his daughter’s birthday party.

“I was getting ready for my daughter’s birthday and I thought that’s why she was calling, you know,” said Anderson.

He was running errands for the party in Seattle and says he could feel the winds shaking his SUV while driving across the I-90 bridge.

“The winds were stronger than usual,” said Anderson.

A wind advisory was in effect Saturday afternoon when the tree fell over just before two o’clock.

“The trees were definitely angling back and forth,” said Anderson.

Neighbor Lisa Koper says she’s reached out the city about dangerous trees in her neighborhood. Koper says the one that fell over had worried her in the past.

“It looked like it was really unstable,” said Koper.

As crews worked to clean up the badly damaged house, Anderson says all that matters is that his grandmother survived.

“My grandma is a strong person. I’m sure she’ll make a good recovery,” said Anderson.