Hikers take extra precautions at Rattlesnake Ledge Trail following death

NORTH BEND, Wash. – There’s a growing memorial at Rattlesnake Ledge Trail to honor 16-year-old Eddie Petrik. The teenager slipped and fell to his death last Saturday while trying to take a picture near a ledge.  Saturday, we went back to the popular hiking spot to check on conditions as others heed the warning to take extra precaution.

A beautiful Saturday morning with big dogs taking a dip, geese stretching out their wings, and people enjoying a picnic near the lake.

“It’s a good day to be out today,” said hiker Mohamad Bahlawan.

Plenty of hikers hit the trail at Rattlesnake Ledge.  The warmer temperatures Saturday are a far cry from last weekend.

“Not icy, not muddy,” said Bahlawan.

Icy and muddy describe the treacherous hike at the trail just last week that ultimately contributed to 16-year-old Eddie Petrik falling at least a hundred feet off a ledge.

“We had a cold front come in so it was a lot icier up there probably one of the reasons why he slipped,” said Ginger Reinauer.

First responders were too late when they got the call for help.  Now a week later and even more people are back on the trail.  Some of them not ready for the terrain or elevation.

“There are no guard rails and there are no real safety devices up there,” said Reinauer.

“It’s steep in some parts and you definitely should stay away from the edge,” said hiker Jeremy Ickes.

The memorial also stands as a grim reminder of what can happen.  It stops people in their tracks to take a look, a remember 16-year-old Eddie, and think twice will they hike.

“Go slow, take your selfies far away from the edge,” said Reinauer.