Homeless man turns in $17,000 cash he found outside food bank

SUMNER, Wash. -- A homeless man in Washington found a brown bag on the ground outside a food bank. He turned in the bag and its contents — a whopping $17,000 in cash.

The News Tribune reports Sumner Police Chief Brad Moericke on Thursday presented Kevin Booth with a citizens citation, noting that Booth told officers he knew giving the money to the Sumner Food Bank would benefit more people than just himself.

Booth found the money three months ago and gave the cash to a food bank volunteer.

Police kept the money for 90 days, allowing someone to make a claim of ownership.

No one did, so the money went to the food bank, which plans to use it to expand its building.

The food bank's director, Anita Miller, gave Booth part of the money in gift cards.