Hundreds told to evacuate because of Evans Canyon fire, but not everyone is leaving

Despite evacuation orders, some people near the Evans Canyon Fire are choosing to stay in their homes.

The blaze had spread to more than 34,000 acres in Yakima County as of Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning, it had burned more than 50,000 acres. 

Some 300 firefighters are on the fire lines and evacuation orders are in place, but some are not leaving.

“Even though they have said we have to evacuate, I don’t want to,” said Ruth Mathews.

Mathews has lived in the area for about two decades. She says she's concerned about people stealing from her if she leaves her home. 

“That’s not uncommon around here,” she said.

Mathews says in the 20 years she’s lived in the area, she’s never had to leave her home due to fires.

“You know it’s far enough away, there is enough green around us,” she said.

However, she is still preparing and packing in case she does need to evacuate fast. Those preparations include making sure she can transport her two horses away from the property.

“People say get rid of those horses, they cost you too much money, but that’s why I’m alive,” she said.

Officials say anyone with animals or livestock looking to evacuate can go to the Yakima State Fair Park.