Is Washington state on the verge of a mask mandate all over again?

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reversing its recommendations on masks, the question is whether or not Washington state will upgrade those recommendations to a mandate?

On Tuesday, the CDC said that even those who are vaccinated should wear masks in places with high COVID cases. 

It seems as though lately, everywhere you look are maskless faces.

"I’ve gotten my shots so as far as I am concerned, I’m not concerned," Snohomish County resident Everett Otteson said.

But health officials are very concerned, saying the delta variant is acting uniquely different from other strains.

Abigail Larkin says she got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and still got COVID.

"I’m still recovering. I'm just getting back to work, had to take two weeks off," Larkin said.  

Larkin says she has still not regained her taste or smell. The virus also spread to most of her entire family.

"Everyone got knocked down," Larkin said.

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Larkin says her employer is now requiring masks again and she supports the move.

"I definitely still prefer to mask, there are troubles going on," Larkin said.

But Otteson says he is not in a rush to mask up in public places unless it’s a mandate.

"Not at all concerned and personally I can count on one hand how many people who have actually had COVID," he said.

As of Tuesday, the statewide population immunity is nearly 52%. That takes into account vaccinations and prior infections.

"It’s attacking us right now, every person who is unvaccinated creates a danger in our state," Gov. Jay Inslee said. 

Q13 News asked Inslee if he sees a mask mandating coming back statewide, and he said, "Well, unfortunately, we are seeing a dramatic increase because of the Delta variant and there is a clear danger in our state because of this new variant. It’s coming out like gang busters so we are reviewing our policies, we are going to look very carefully this afternoon at whatever the CDC recommends." 

Inslee says he hopes to have more to say on Wednesday regarding protocols moving forward. 

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