Is this invention the best thing to ever happen to your bathroom or the worst? (VIDEO)

PROVO, Utah -- Guys tired of lifting the toilet seat to go?

Ladies tired of putting the seat down to use?

Why not a home urinal!

That’s the solution to an age old domestic flashpoint proposed by Utah inventor Daniel Garvin.

Garvin launched his invention, the Main Drain, on Kickstarter where he hopes to raise $50-thousand to bring his dream to market.

“The Main Drain is an adjustable, lightweight urinal that attaches directly to the bowl of your toilet. It solves all your problems about the traditional toilet set-up, but without having the need to install a wall mounted urinal and forcing you to fork out more than $600.00!”

Garvin says his invention removes and installs in seconds, is hands free, designed to reduce splashing, height adjustable and requires minimal cleaning.

How does it work?

“Liquid flows from the Main Drain head, down the hose, through the toilet bowl clip, and into the bowl! All of this without having to lift the seat!”

Garvin says he has been a small business owner for more than a decade and before that he has years of experience in project management and product development.

As of Friday afternoon the Kickstarter campaign had raised more than $700.