It's a $1,025 fine for throwing a lit cigarette out your car window

SEATTLE -- In case you forgot, it's illegal to throw a lit cigarette out a car window in the state of Washington. And if you get caught, you could face a $1,025 fine.

The Washington State Patrol put out that warning this week after several wildfires had to be put out in eastern Washington.

As the state continues to dry out, the risk of accidentally sparking wildfires from discarded cigarettes increases.

"One careless action can quickly turn into a major fire," WSP Trooper Brian Moore said. "The resources needed to fight fires and the losses associated with them, such as homes, structures and even life are extremely expensive and costly to taxpayers."

The Washington State Patrol will take appropriate enforcement under RCW 70.93.060(4) for those who discard a lit tobacco product or other lit material.

It is a class 1 civil infraction as provided in RCW 7.80.120 for a person to discard, in violation of this section, potentially dangerous litter in any amount.