June gloom is sticking around. Will we see the sun for July 4?

SEATTLE -- Clouds. Drizzle. Intermittent sun breaks.

When is summer going to get here, Seattle?

We seem to be stuck in a pattern of "Seattle blah," meteorologist Katie Boer said. And there's no exit on the horizon.

"The next couple of days are kind of gloomy," Boer said. "Don't shoot the messenger. Lots of clouds, scattered small shower chances and below average temps."

Latest: Temperatures around the Puget Sound 

Thursday started out gray. There were a few sun breaks between Everett and near Sequim. Some cooler spots in the 40s early around Shelton, Bremerton and Olympia this morning.

If there's any good news, it's that Thursday looks like the coolest day, Boer said. Below average temperatures will continue, and scattered light rain will persist through July 4.

Temperatures should return to the low 70s by Wednesday, Boer said.

Why are we stuck in this lull? Boer explains:

We have this moist flow aloft and are continuing to see low level onshore flow the next few days--which keeps our mostly cloudy skies and cool daytime highs around through the weekend. We'll see a low move in across the Puget Sound early next week, keeping rain chances around Monday and Tuesday. SLIGHT chance right now for Wednesday/4th of July. But bottom line our moist air mass keeps our light shower chances around (very limited precip amounts--if any) the next few days with disturbances moving in today, late Friday, and Saturday (farther to the north). I think we have a better opportunity for rain tonight and tomorrow morning along the Washington coast. 

We shouldn't see too much - if any rain- on the Fourth of July. But we'll have to wait a little longer to get a more accurate forecast.

As far as full, 80 degree summer?

Only time will tell.