'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' unleashes monster mayhem

If you take the idea of dinosaurs sharing the world with humans, it invariably lends itself to a horror movie.

Think Michael Myers from “Halloween,” if he was as strong as an elephant with razor sharp claws and canine teeth.

This is the first Jurassic movie that really explores that idea. And the reason is that they’ve created the most terrifying predator yet. It is ferocious, yet intelligent enough to creep into a bedroom, reach out with its arms, and try to snatch up a child for lunch.

The movie plays with that perspective to a point.

But It still has to be a family movie you can feel safe taking the kids to. So it follows, for the most part, the pattern of all of the previous Jurassic flicks.

Something goes bad on the island, dinosaurs get loose, a human villain emerges, and our heroes are hunted down by the most carnivorous animal of the bunch.

This time, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard try to rescue many of the animals from their home, the previous amusement park, before the island is destroyed by an erupting volcano.

They fall into a nefarious plot by a smiling, nearly mustache-twirling, bad guy, and chaos ensues.

Everything from that point on is very predictable, but also very well done, especially the horror movie aspects of the newly designed dinosaur that gives all previous scary dinos a run for their money.

All in all a solid monster flick, with an ending that leaves the viewer thinking already about the sequel, in what could be a very real Jurassic world. The horror.