'Justice for Jayme': Des Moines teen's killer sentenced to 28 years in prison

It was Washington's Most Wanted viewers who helped lead police to murder suspect, Johnny Rourn, in 2011. On Friday, he was sentenced to 28 years in prison for shooting and killing Jayme Thomas, and wounding her friend, Scott Kennedy.

Rourn opened fire on a crowd of people after leaving a party and hit Thomas three times. Detectives say Rourn admitted he was the shooter, but that he had been drinking and didn't know Thomas was in the car. They said he was "apologetic and kept repeating he wished he could trade places with Thomas." However, prosecutors said he changed the rims on his car after the shooting and got rid of his clothes, making it seem as if he was attempting to conceal items that could identify him. WMW host David Rose was in the court for his sentencing, and says there was not a dry eye in the room. Jayme Thomas was 19 years old. She was loved very much by her family and friends.