King County unveils plans for 'world class' regional trail system

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- At the Wilburton Trestle in Bellevue, King County leaders on Monday unveiled plans for what they're calling a "world class" regional trail system.

They're asking the public to help decide whether it should be built on an abandoned rail line ... or in more challenging terrain that would require construction of retaining walls and bridges over wetlands.

"This corridor and the trail that we're planning stretches all the way from Renton to Woodinville and connects all the rapidly expanding Eastside communities," said Erica Jacobs, of King County Parks and Recreation. "Not only that, but this corridor has the opportunity to connect to all of our other regional trails that pass through the Eastside."

Once completed, it will connect to other trail systems, including the "Mountain to Sound Greenway" along Interstate 90, the new 520 bridge trail, and the Cedar and Sammamish river trails.