'Like a riot': Woman says her home was ransacked after estate sale mix-up

LONGMONT, Colo. — Dozens of people descended upon the wrong Colorado home looking for the ultimate estate sale deal: free.

It all started Friday morning with an actual real estate sale down the street at 8 Texas Lane in Longmont, according to KDVR.  Mary Andrews, the unfortunate owner of 14 Texas Lane, believes somebody migrated over to her house, three doors down, and thought, "Hey, another sale!"

Andrews’ house was unlocked, and that’s apparently all it took.

"They were coming out with armloads of stuff," Andrews' daughter-in-law, Leslie Cockrum, told KDVR.

On Tuesday, a woman drove up to Mary’s house and returned a box of belongings.

"They took cash, they took jewelry," Andrews said. "They went out of their way to make it quick and make trips ... they had things in the backyard in piles that said 'taken.'"

Andrews says she lost cash, computers, cameras, kitchenware and clothes – a lot was taken in a short amount of time, including the toilet paper.  They even took the toilet paper holder, Andrews said.

Longmont police said because there are no witnesses, or license plates, it is near impossible to find the people who stole her items.

Despite the mix-up, Andrews said people should have found something odd about an estate sale where everything was being given away at no cost.

"It was like a riot, a riot of greed," Andrews said.