Lioness grows small mane in 'very curious case' at Oklahoma zoo

OKLAHOMA CITY - Veterinarians at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens are investigating a strange occurrence with an 18-year-old African lioness.

Zoo officials say Bridget, the zoo's 18-year-old African lioness, has suddenly spouted a mini-mane.

Male lions usually begin growing a mane when they are about 1-year-old, which is when they begin producing more testosterone.

However, it is extremely rare for a female lion to grow a mane.

In other instances, experts say lionesses have grown manes when there is a hormone issue or some sort of genetic component.

Zoo officials say they have taken a blood sample from Bridget and are currently awaiting results.

Veterinarians say they will continue to monitor her closely, but add that her condition is not likely to affect Bridget's quality of life.